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Code of ethics

As a Sales Representative (hereinafter referred to as a Representative) of a Group of Independent Companies cooperating on the basis of sales agreements and the provision of specific DIC products and services disseminated by the Represented (the Company), I declare that I will respect and comply fully with the following principles:

I. Basic principles

To comply with generally binding legal regulations, particularly in the field of investment diamond sales and consumer protection, civil and commercial law, professional ethics. With the people I meet with the presentation of the company and its business program, I will act honestly and as I wish it was with me. I will present my potential prospective clients the Company and its business program in a fair and honest manner and will only present such communications that are officially approved by the management of the represented, officially presented in the Company's materials.

My acting as a Company's representative will follow the highest standards of accountability and integrity because I fully understand that my actions as a Deputy (Partner) have far-reaching consequences. When presenting the Company's business and marketing strategy and acting as a Representative of the Represented Company, I will always use materials approved by the Company's management.

As Representative of the Representation, I will in all circumstances respect the global and consistent appearance and image of the DIC brand, adhere to internal regulations and corporate design, respectively type of font, color, and logo style and I will never change and abuse them. I have acknowledged clearly defined duties as the Deputy Representative, signing the Sales Agreements, and therefore all other principles fully correspond to the other provisions and obligations contained therein.

No DIC advertiser may engage or participate in illegal business. For electronic promotion (including the Internet), the clear criteria once again approved by the management of the Representations are fully applicable.

A representative may not send unsolicited emails to individuals unless the recipient has written and explicit consent to receive such emails. Delivering Products and Information to Clients without requiring such products or information is prohibited by law.

law in the address or content of his website, including his email address and correspondence, without the consent of the executives of the Representation, i.e. a trade name, logo, trademark, photographs, service names belonging to the represented person or a third party, even their variants, which could lead to any confusion with the trade name, trademark or even official presentation of the DIC brand.

If such materials are used with the consent of the Management of the Represent, the Representative is obliged to provide a reference to the source, i.e. the official website of the DIC promoting company. As a Representative of the Represented DIC Trademark, I expressly acknowledge that I am not authorized, by agreement between the parties, to use the name, logos, method of trading, including know-how or any other designation related to the Representations or the DIC, including advertising in any medium, including the internet. All this without the prior written consent of the Representation.

II. Relationships with Clients/Customers/Partners

Contractual Relationships with Clients / Customers

The principles of fairness, confidentiality, honesty, professionalism, transparency and the highest possible degree of cooperation are at the core of all contractual relationships and communication with Clients of the Representation.

Customer satisfaction

Represented, commissioned under separate agreements to promote good reputation, goods and services under the DIC brand, considers the utmost importance to be maintaining high quality standards for service delivery and constant improvement of customer satisfaction. Internal processes and computer technologies help to achieve these goals, including by following Client's views.


We process the protection of your personal data following the adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).

Confidential information is provided by the Company, in accordance with applicable laws and internal processes, which ensure that this information is received only by responsible and authorized persons or that their dissemination will be solely for the purposes of the Company when these facts are taken into account by the Agent and will be handled with so as to protect them.

III. Realization

The Code is defined and approved by the Statutory Body of the Representative, as well as all its future updated versions.

IV. Acceptance and distribution

The Code is written in Czech and translated into all languages of the countries where Represented and Cooperating Companies operate. It will be published and appropriately highlighted on the website and on the website of the Represented and Cooperating Company. Each Employee or an External Trader, including newcomers, will receive the printed version of the Code.

V. Breach of the Code

In the event of a breach of the Code of Ethics, the Disciplined and Associated Companies shall take appropriate disciplinary steps to protect the interests of the Company and the shareholders. In accordance with applicable law, disciplinary action will be taken against the person responsible for the violation. In the case of the most serious violations of the Code principles, the above mentioned measures may terminate the cooperation with the Agent, including agreed sanctions and damages in accordance with statutory provisions.