The Largest Variety of Diamond Jewelry in Bulgaria (Slovakia)

The Exhibition

On July 10th, in Sofia showroom of D.I.C. was opened an unique exhibition, presenting the largest variety of diamond jewelry in Bulgaria (Slovakia). Hundreds of pieces are included in the exhibition with total value over 2 mln dollars.

Time and Location?

When: from July 10th to July 31st 2018 г.

Where: 8A Nickolay Haitov, Iztok, Sofia

Mini Events

During the exhibition will be held lectures and presentations related to diamonds, investing in diamonds and presentations of DIC’s Diamond Certainty program.

You can see and touch hundreds of diamond jewelry pieces of art. Download our exclusive catalog to check and mark some of them.


See Some of the Pieces Presented

Download Our Exclusive Diamond Jewelry Catalog for 2018

Fine Jewelry and Watches

Browse our 130-pages catalog with the perfect diamond gifts for any occasion. Also you can use these fine pieces as investment or a source of fast growing passive income.

You can see and touch most of the jewelry pieces on our Summer Jewelry Exhibition (July 10-31, Sofia, Bratislava).