All diamonds purchased in one of the Diamonds Certainty programs are safely packed immediately after purchase and delivered to the Buyer in a manner that he / she determines:.
Or to the appropriate D.I.C. Showroom, where they are made available for collection in person free of charge. Every Buyer is informed in advance via an email Notification about the exact date and place where the purchased diamond can be collected. Upon handing over, the Buyer will be charged the appropriate amount of VAT that the Buyer pays at the latest at the time of handover.
Or sent to the buyer’s address at his expense. The Buyer is always informed of the deadline and the price of the transport in advance by means of a notification in the form of an e-mail
Or they are stored in the seller’s safe boxes . The storage price is 2 USD for each month you start and for each individual diamond stored
Together with the diamond, the Buyer also receives a certificate attesting to all of the basic parameters of the stone issued by the independent IGI laboratory (possibly GIA or HRD) and an invoice, i.e. tax document for the purchase
Since free personal collection may not be the most convenient option for the Buyer, it is of course possible to request an alternative form of delivery within a reasonable time after the purchase. If the Buyer provides a properly designated delivery address and provider of shipping services (specification of a particular service, see below), this alternative method of shipping will be approved by the Seller without delay.
If the Buyer does not request for delivery at the DIC showroom or an alternative form of shipping , then the Seller stores diamonds in their security safes and will charge $ 2 for each 1 diamond stored and a month commenced.
The shipping costs are always borne by the Buyer in full, whether in the form of cash-on- delivery, advance payment for the service or by being charged directly to the Buyer by the carrier. A diamond is a very specific commodity, and not every provider of transport services is able to deliver a diamond or insure its shipment under reasonable and affordable conditions. Therefore, the decision is left directly to the Buyer as to whether the Buyer will collect the diamond in person in due course or have it sent via a chosen carrier to a selected address.

In accordance with Article 3.1.2 of the GBTC, the distribution of supply will take place in the form of a delivery to the place designated by the Buyer always within 30 days from the settlement of the purchase price and shipping costs in accordance with the price list, whichever occurs later. For items sent cash-on-delivery or through a service paid for directly by the Buyer, the item is handed over to the carrier at an agreed time and place immediately after the mode of transport is approved. The following point in Item 3.1.3 of the GBTC, similarly states that in the event that the Buyer fails to collect the supply within 90 days after being sent notification of the item being ready for collection or should he refuse to accept the ordered supply at the properly indicated address, the Seller shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract and demand payment of a contractual fine at the amount of 20% of the prepayments made. For more information, see the General Business Terms and Conditions.