Společnost Diamonds International Corporation - D.I.C. a.s. úspěšně rozvíjí své obchodní aktivity i v Rumunsku.

V místním tisku vyšel článek, ve kterém se konstatuje, že mezi nejoblíbenější dárky mezi ženami patří kromě kožichů a exotických dovolených zejména diamantové prsteny. Toto koneckonců potvrzuje i zástupce naší společnosti v Rumunsku pan Ivan Kramář.


Among the ladies' favourite gifts are a diamond ring and a fur coat, but also an exotic trip.The orders for coats have already started flowing in for the winter holidays, but the manufacturers' representatives say that men consider any time of the year suitable for making gifts. The ladies moving around by car most of the time, the gentlemen are looking for short fur coats, comfortable and more casual. "Fur coats are of interest to women all year round and during the holidays they are the ideal gift. 90% of our models are new", says Roxana Tonea, General Manager of Toni Trading Company. In order to increase their sales the manufacturers have created models for the warmer weather that is expected during this winter. "We have a variety of coats, imitation polar fox furs, but the most wanted are the chinchilla coats, which are also the most expensive." These can cost up to 8000 Euros.

Rings and diamonds inserted into a phone

"Most often the gentlemen buy rings, because it's a classic gift for Christmas, just as for Valentine's Day they buy heart-shaped medallion necklaces. How do they do it? They take a ring when the ladies are in the bathroom, measure it and send us the measurements", says Ivan Kramar, Manager for Romania of Diamonds International Corporation.

We have catalogue models but we also take any kind of orders, we even insert diamonds into pens, phones or cars", says Ivan. The most expensive diamond ring costs up to 7000 Euros, earrings around 1700, and a ladies' watch even 3700 Euros. The delivery is made directly to the client's address, for the safety of the product.

Pondělí, duben 28, 2008