About the company

No other jewellery brand managed to expand so quickly and successfully. Diamonds International Corporation – D.I.C., was established in autumn 2005 and as a purely Czech company grew to become international within five years. Its subsidiaries captivated satisfied customers in Central Europe and through Russia, the fastest growing diamond brand of the continent, became a symbol of luxury in Asia as well. In June 2011one of the most admired showrooms on earth was opened in Shenzhen, the richest city of China. The company specializes in the production and sale of original diamond jewellery designed by renowned designers and absolutely excels in the range of investment diamonds.Diamonds International Corporation is the only company in Central and Eastern Europe which is a member of the most prestigious diamond stock market in Antwerp, Beurs voor Diamanthandel, one of the oldest diamond stock markets in the world.

Its partners include the world's leading diamond cutting workshops. All jewellery come from their workshops and is protected by registered trade mark within the EU – with the D.I.C. brand, and a hallmark according to valid legislation. Every diamond from the company D.I.C. is provided with a certificate from leading gemological laboratories that are acknowledged all over the world. To achieve maximum transparency, the company is unique in not only that it includes certificates for precious stones, but also for stones set into jewellery.This is an absolutely unique feature in the world. From the Czech and Slovak Republic, where D.I.C. entered in 2006, it expanded into Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Serbia. In autumn 2007, the company established a subsidiary in Hong Kong, then in Ukraine, Hungary and Russia as well.

Through China and Vietnam Diamonds International Corporation is currently heading to other destinations spreading maximum transparency, information and the beauty of diamonds where ever it goes combined with attractive long-term appreciation. The holding cooperates with the most prominent industry experts and celebrities worldwide, participates in charity events and through their own marketing activities, helps to build on society´s view of diamonds. D.I.C. showrooms excel not only in wonderful products and excellent services for high-income clientele, but also a hyper-luxurious atmosphere and technology, which have no equal in the world. Diamonds International Corporation humbly collects records, whether it being the most expensive investment diamond sold in a region, most exclusive crown made for the beauty queen of Miss Universe Slovakia 2009 or applying the original form of network sales, which is unique in the world for this business.

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