Get to know the Diamonds

Interesting thinks worth knowing

Properties of diamonds

A safe investment

Each diamond is certified by the independent worldwide IGI, HRD or GIA Gemological Laboratory.

Permanent value

The price of diamonds is stable, growing on a long term basis and not subject to any inflation.

Unregistered investment

A diamond is not registered by any authorities, fully anonymous property.

Concentrated wealth

There is a large value in a small volume of diamond, e.g. 1 kg of gold is equivalent to approximately 0.5 grams of a quality diamond.

Easy mobility

You can easily and safely transfer the diamond from place to place anywhere around the world.

Quick liquidity

You buy the diamond on one side of the world and sell it again on the other side.


A diamond cannot be destroyed by a domestic fire, water, acid...It is almost indestructible.

Our offer

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