Are you satisfied with your work?

the Dream Future

  • Do you have enough money for your hobbies?

  • Does your family have a good background for carefree operation?

  • Do you think about how your life will look like in 5 years?

  • Is there a major change coming to you in the near future?

Have you ever thought about your dream job?

We do spend most of our lives at work and we strive to find a balance between the amount of income and the time we are willing to sacrifice to build this income. You certainly do have top executives in your area whose salary exceeds CZK 100,000 per month, but often it is at the expense of their free time. You have many people around you who earn less than CZK 30,000 a month, and yet they spend more than 40 hours a week at work, too.

With the vision of constant high income, many people go into business. It’s a good way, but you have to be armed with patience – building your own company from zero is a costly business and more time-consuming than the performance of a top manager. Opening a small café, for example, means investing more than a million crowns and taking responsibility for the team, get ready to pay high rents and becoming an expert in many professions.

Is there a third way? There are companies that have chosen to build their business on good references for which they reward their loyal customers. These customers are gradually becoming business partners who can even feed on their recommendations. A satisfied customer is the best advertising, and these companies can move a large part of marketing costs just to the rewards for recommendations.

Imagine how the price of a new mobile phone is set. The first part of the price is his development. Each company must have a development team that uses the available technologies and existing patents in part to deliver a market that will attract and sell. The next part is production. Making a phone is a pretty cheap thing provided you are able to sell millions of pieces. And selling millions of pieces is not easy, so a lot of segments are involved in the sales process – from advertising experts who try to convince customers that their model is the right one, through a distribution network of wholesalers, retailers and e-shops to make the product available ideally in stock. And, of course, the media is entering the game, that is, the costs spent on advertising on television, in magazines, on billboards, or on the Internet. These costs often exceed the production cost of the phone many times.

And just part of these costs are paid by companies such as D.I.C. in the form of a reward for advice directly to their customers, which in addition may reduce the price of the goods. These companies do not need to engage in expensive advertising – their satisfied customers are being their advertising itself.

Do you understand why the price of D.I.C. products is so interesting compared to the leading jewelry companies? And do you understand that being a loyal customer gives you tremendous revenue opportunities? Overnight you can become the owner of an advertising agency that has minimal costs and whose success grows regularly. We offer you a partnership that can change your life.

Do not worry about new opportunities, just decide, set the time you are willing to devote in a week to something that frees you financially and go for your dream. You do not need hundreds of dollars to start this business and you do not need 250 hours a month to make your income as high as the claims are.


the Dream Future